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Scoring Methodology Disclaimer

Our sleep experts conduct market research, compile data and assess the data available sourced from public information. Our researchers highlight the brands that we believe offer high-quality products and services based on the evaluation. The brands are evaluated based on a scoring system that includes various criteria that we believe are critical in establishing mattresses’ and mattress toppers’ overall value as summarized below:

  • Product Offering – Each product offering of the service or product is evaluated and compared. Our sleep experts look at the common or important product offerings of each brand category (i.e. free delivery, warranty, etc.)
  • Features – Product features are evaluated and compared. Our researchers look at the common or important product aspects and elements per category, as well as the unique features that a brand, product, or service offers.
  • User’s Experience and Brand Rating – Customer experience and perspective are important and are considered when rating products and services.
  • Awards & Certificates – Prestigious awards and certificates received are an indicator of business quality. This provides a concrete seal of approval that evidences the quality of the products or the services you offer.

The ratings or scorings are assigned by our sleep experts based on public information gathered, this will impact the position of the brand in the comparison table and ranking page.

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