At Top 5, we’re experts when it comes to finding the best mattresses on the market.

Our process is thorough and reliable, combining physical testing of mattresses, consumer opinions, and manufacturer site comparisons.

To determine our top picks, we put each mattress through a rigorous physical testing process at our state of-the-art mattress testing facility in Frankfurt.

This allows us to evaluate various quality criteria of each mattress independently, providing a more objective assessment.

We then analyze the data we collect to create the basis for our evaluation of each mattress.

One of the most crucial aspects of our mattress test is durability.

We simulate the aging of a mattress over a period of time to determine the long-term loss of firmness.

We use two different machines to achieve this: the rolling machine and the test bench.

The results of this test help us determine if a mattress can maintain its optimal firmness for a more extended period, which is crucial for a good night’s sleep.

We also test the point elasticity and zoning of each mattress, evaluating their ability to compress without affecting surrounding areas and the number of zones in the mattress, respectively.

These tests help us determine the comfort and support a mattress can provide to your body.

We also take into account two additional criteria during our tests: washability and ease of use.

These criteria help us determine the convenience of maintaining and handling each mattress.

At Top 5, we’re confident in our selection process, and each mattress in our top 5 picks of 2023 has passed our rigorous testing.

Our expertise ensures that you’ll find the best mattress for your needs, providing you with optimal comfort and support for a good night’s sleep.